Winning Every Woman’s War: Defeating Temptations 

The unique style of combat and camo introduces a fresh way to equip women warriors of grace to defeat temptations.

Evil has a coach. A victorious woman has a Savior.

Winning Every Woman’s War equips women with sightseeing tools to identify the temptations of fear, disrespect, manipulation, comparison, selfishness, judgment, ungodly words, materialism, and more. Coupled with God’s help, the maneuvers help women succeed in identifying and overcoming subtle temptations.

Cathy Messecar and Deanna Koehl gear up and arm winning women with a battery of God’s Word and examples to assist in personal battles common to women.

This field guide of combat prayers and tactical training helps readers identify and defeat temptations, in addition to calling upon the Lord of Hosts to barricade the souls of their families and friends. Through Scripture, prayer, and Titus 2 mentoring, readers become tender warriors who light the world and defeat darkness.

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“What a blessing it was to have learned so much from this powerful book and about myself in the process. I know it will be a blessing to many. I was so deeply touched by some of the personal experiences of these wonderful authors, as women of faith and as wives and moms.

If wearing God’s armor is your goal as a guide to a more peaceful and God centered life, you will treasure this book. The authors, two women at different points in their lives, reveal their honest spiritual perspectives, their triumphs and trials, and humble testimonies of faith, amongst relevant scriptures, cleverly embedded in a Bible Study structure.

As a woman of faith, I was inspired to take another look at my own sense of spiritual responsibility, and through their powerful prayer strategy, strengthen my relationship with the Lord.”
~ Déa Viola, Christian Artist, Singer/Songwriter
President of The Baby Flamingo Co.

“This is a great book. The authors know how to relate to women and the temptations they deal with on a daily basis. They are not afraid to let you see their own struggles with these temptations. More importantly, they show us what the Bible says about them.
~ Tamara McGill

“Excellent! When I read this book, I felt as though I was sitting across from the author(s) at a table drinking coffee with them. It is written in such a personal way to touch your heart, hitting close to home, and written so beautifully and thoroughly that it will benefit all women struggling with temptations.

As Christians we have to battle temptation daily, and this book is a good reminder of the arsenals we need for our battle. It can be used for daily personal Bible study or used in a ladies class group setting. I recommend it highly and without reservation.”
~ Southern Girl, an Amazon customer