Winning Women Pray Before, During & After

Coming Soon:  Release Date May 8, 2107
Before, During, and After prayers found in Scripture show how the Potter adds texture to women’s souls. Refreshed, prayed-up, and convicted–winning women will value and practice a life of on-going prayer. Biblical prayers fit a timeframe of Before, During, and After.

Jesus prayed before his ministry and during crucifixion, and after his resurrection, the glorified Jesus lives to intercede for his brothers and sisters.

Readers can expect to:
* increase their prayer in still moments
* find value in Frisbee-prayers
* affirm that God answers and keeps promises
* determine if they are spiritually lazy in the work of prayer
* join troops of women who intercede for others
* discover historical facts about prayer and postures
* embrace the schedule of the timeclock of heaven

This field guide of My Combat Prayers, Tactical Training, Weekly Combat Mission, My Dog Tag Scriptures, and In the Trenches stories helps women do the work of prayer. Through the prayers of Jesus, the authors’ experiences, and biblical insights, women will practice light-ushering prayer.

The more women are on their faces at the foot of the cross, the more the presence of Jesus becomes real–for he alone fits the hollow places of their hearts.